I'm Casey! Welcome to my art website! I'm here to share with you my love for art, my passion for creating, and my enthusiasm for living the life I envision.

I'm creating art. I'm creating my life.


Recreating images using art mediums has always been something that has fascinated me. The focus, however, is not on hyper-realism—it is on the composition of detail and how each interacts with one another to create form. When painting or drawing from an image, every detail is realized and embraced. Each piece requires me to immerse myself into the detail, allowing a part of me to reside within my work. Thus, I choose images that resonate with me, allowing me to connect with my art on a deeper level. 

I am particularly drawn to fluidity and the connection between water and paint, which has recently become a common theme throughout my artwork. Moreover, combining paint with water to create fluid paintings and recreating the consistency of water through detail profoundly appeals to me. 

Whether it’s through color or detail, my goal is to create an emotion within the viewer. Creating makes my soul happy, and if my pieces can have that same effect on its viewers, then I’ve succeeded as an artist. 


A 22-year old self taught realism artist, Casey Okonczak was born in Hartford, Connecticut and later moved to Buffalo, New York where her love affair with drawing and painting began after a trip to a local arts and crafts store. Crayola crayons and pencils were her first mediums, and after winning a few coloring contests, she soon moved on to paints and pencils. Year after year she filled up her sketch pads with detailed renderings of everyday objects in her life. 

Casey's current mediums are mainly acrylic paints and graphite pencils. She specializes in recreating images from sight and turning them into works of art. Casey is committed to always representing her subject matter truthfully. Her art has matured through the years from those early drawings that filled her sketchbooks, but her loving attention to the details and nuances of her subjects has remained ever constant. 

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based in buffalo, new york

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